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Answers To Thinking Riddles

1.  The base word is Startling - starting - staring - string - sting - sing - sin - in - I


2. An echo


3. A coffin


4. Time


5. Tom's mother slid a newspaper under a door, each sibling standing on each side.


6. No, it does not collapse because it has driven a half mile - you would subtract the gas used from the total weight of the truck.




8. The bus driver.


9. The mother.


10. The Doberman choked on the puppy.


11. He said, "You'll sentence me to six years in prison." If it was true, then the judge would have to make it false by sentencing him to four years. If it was false, then he would have to give him six years, which would make it true. Rather than contradict his own word, the judge set the man free.


12. Seven. The four daughters have only one brother, making five children, plus mom and dad.


13. There was a grandfather, a father and a son. The grandfather and father are both fathers. The father and son are both sons. Therefore, there were only three people.


14. The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it out to dry.

Answers To Funny Riddles

1. Just once, because after you subtract anything from it, it's not 25 anymore.

2. Lunch and Dinner.

3. Mount Everest, of course.

4. Just stop imagining!

5. Just one, me (I saw a man...).

6. Every month has 28 days.


7. Biting into an apple and seeing half a worm in there.